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Embrace the transformative effects of Covid in 2020, which revolutionized the way the public learns crime prevention strategies taught by police Professionals. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your safety – sign up now!

(Oh, most departments Don't Have the Staffing or time to teach the way they used to anyways)

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Why it has all Changed

Prepare to be amazed by the evolution of crime prevention education in the wake of the pandemic. As restrictions are lifted, it's your chance to acquire comprehensive knowledge and master each step.


What To Do Today

Maximize the impact of crime prevention initiatives through precise targeting of specific areas or crime categories. Explore how to implement these strategies in your neighborhood, where your intimate understanding reigns supreme. Don't miss this opportunity – enroll now and become a local safety champion!



Tap into the power of community relationships and gain invaluable insights into residents' concerns. By connecting with your community, you can identify potential issues and develop targeted strategies to tackle them. Don't miss out – sign up today and rediscover the art of community connection!

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